Advocacy | Communication | Strategy

I passionately advocate for the arts in order to help individual artists and organizations reach their full potential, and get their mission and message out into the world.

I love great design:  from print to furniture to new media to interiors and more.  Great design should immediately deliver the essential truth of a client’s message in a way that is bold, seemingly simple, and impossible to ignore – yet on the second glance, reveals a depth of meaning that is surprising, interesting, and elegant, rewarding viewers for their continuing participation in the experience.  Great design should also be utterly unconcerned with being palatable to everyone, or with “what’s hot now,” but rather be fearless, brash, and willing to blaze its own trail.

I continually strive for great design in every piece I create.  This in turn creates maximum buzz around the product and message, optimizes returns, and creates enduring, mutually profitable relationships between my clients and those they serve.

I am a senior level designer with a multi-discipline background in sales, marketing, design, and communications.  I received my graphic design training at New School University and applied it to two long term positions; one in the Corporate Communications department of a Fortune 500 consumer goods company, and the other in Sales & Marketing for an Inc. 5000 health management company.  In addition, I’ve served as a volunteer designer for several arts non-profits, providing my expertise on a pro bono basis to marginalized communities in need.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.  I look forward to helping your company with its design needs and contributing to your success.  You can view and download my resumes as PDFS here: